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Maggie Hall is a member of the 2020 class and is a psychology-neuroscience major interested in becoming a clinical neuropsychologist. She became involved in MCMI after spending her summer in Toronto, Canada doing research on concussions and heart rate variability in female athletes. On campus, she is involved in Colby Emergency Response as well as research in the psychology Emotion and Mood Lab and thus is interested in the overlap of psychology and physiology in concussions. Maggie primarily helps in balance testing and hopes to bring a new perspective to the MCMI research with her background in psychology and healthcare.

Matt Johnson is a rising Junior at Colby College with hopes of medical school and has been working with MCMI since his freshman year. As a lifelong athlete, Matt has seen the effects of concussion first hand and hopes his work with MCMI can help safeguard athletes against the dangers of sports-related concussion.

Carson Katen is in the class of 2021 and pursuing a major in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience.  He is also planning on minoring in Economics. He has had two concussions in the last 12 years while playing football.  He wants to learn more about concussions so that he can inform others about the dangers of these head injuries and give them ways to avoid them as well as recover from them if needed. That is a big reason why he wanted to get involved in the youth concussion program.

Erin Kempkes is a member of Colby College’s Class of 2020 and became involved with MCMI through the Presidential Scholars Program during her freshman year. Within MCMI, Erin is involved with concussion balance testing, and is specifically working on testing the validity of using varying models of the iPhone to collect balance data. She plans to double major in Psychology and Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience. Erin is excited by the opportunity to be involved in research with important, real-world applications and looks forward to continuing her work for MCMI throughout her time at Colby.

Jackie Lermond is a member of Colby College’s class of 2021 and became involved with MCMI through the Presidential Scholars Program. Jackie is involved with several MCMI projects including balance testing and the youth concussion program. She currently plans on double majoring in biology and sociology and is particularly interested in public health. Jackie is excited to be a part of research in such an important and relevant field.

Krisandra McNichol is a member of Colby College’s Class of 2021. She is a pre-medical student double majoring in music and biology with a neuroscience concentration. Having suffered from two sports-related concussions in high school, she knows firsthand the varying degrees of MTBI and continues to see their prevalence as an athlete at Colby. Her work as a research assistant includes baseline and post-concussion testing for athletes as well as helping to develop the Youth Concussion Project.

Charlotte Rogerson is a member of the 2022 class at Colby and is from Seattle, Washington. She became involved with MCMI as a way to link her personal experience with concussions as an athlete and her interest in data analysis and statistics. She is involved with the underreporting project that aims to learn more about why people don’t report concussions. Charlotte is excited to be working at MCMI and looks forward to continuing to learn and contribute to the important concussion research being done at MCMI.

Robert "Bob" Shue is a member of the class of 2022 and plans to major in Physics with a pre-med track.  He joined MCMI through the Presidential Scholars program during his first-year because he is interested in better understanding the temporary and lasting effects of concussions. He is currently working on the underreporting and youth concussion projects.

Max Siegman is a member of Colby College class of 2021 and is a psychology-neuroscience major interested in the neurological bases of human behavior. This is Max’s first year working with MCMI, and specifically on the Head Injury Tracker program. Through his work with MCMI, Max hopes to better understand the psychological effects of concussions, as well as the various factors that influence the time of one’s return to athletics versus academics following a concussion.

Adithya Shastry is a first-year student at Colby College and plans on majoring in biomedical engineering. During high school, he created ShastryNation, a science-based YouTube channel and the charity Code2donate.  His passion, he says, is to advance social causes in more meaningful ways using new frontiers of technology. He aspires to become a medical professional with an interest in nature’s elucidations along with advances in technology and modern medicine to promote a healthier society.

Xiaoyue (Mike) Zheng is a member of Colby College’s Class of 2020. He became involved with MCMI through the Presidential Scholars Program during his freshman year. Mike is a biology (neuroscience concentration) and computer science double major. Within MCMI, he is working on redesigning and developing the balance testing app. He is interested in using computer science tools to facilitate biology research and promote health.

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